About Us

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G A Landscaping LLC is a family owned business and has been delivering top quality lawn care / landscaping services to residential and commercial clients in the Northern Virginia area. From Design, installation, maintenance, mowing, stonework to custom-built projects.

G A Landscaping LLC was founded by Antonio Gutierrez. Mr. Gutierrez gained his turf experience in 1995, he was employed by Senior Tour Players. He gained his knowledge by building and maintaining golf courses such as Red Tail Golf Course in Cleveland, Ohio. By 2002 his team moved to Northern Virginia to build Beacon Hill Golf Course, he then became the Assistant Superintendent. In 2005 Antonio decided to found GA Landscaping LLC with a crew of 10 employees.

With his experience, knowledge and guidance G A’s Team has expanded to more than 35 lawn and landscaping professionals. Our reputation has been built on providing experienced and exceptional service to each one of our customers. Our services have consistently exceeded our customers’ expectations, which in return helped us create a relationship where they rely on our year-round dependable services.

Our everyday goal is to surpass our customers’ expectations. We continue to achieve this on a daily basis by working together with our crews who maintain more than 400 properties. We invest in the best plants, materials and equipment to be able to provide top quality service.

“We make yards happy and their owners too!”