Frequently Asked Questions

What are your payment terms?2022-10-28T12:14:39-04:00

All invoices have a net of 15 days. All mowing and weed maintenance services are invoiced at the end of each month. Any other type of service will be invoiced at the end of the week it was performed.

How will I receive my invoices?2022-10-28T12:15:11-04:00

You will receive a link via email unless requested to have it sent via mail. The link will take you to our customer portal where you can view/pay invoices, update card and contact information. Invoices can be paid via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) right from the customer portal.

I’m trying to pay my invoice using the client portal; However, my login is not working. What should I do?2022-10-28T12:16:27-04:00

Please make sure you are typing everything correctly, including capitalizing what needs to be capitalized. It is case sensitive. If for some reason it won’t go through, give us a call, or send us an email. We will help you re-set the account log in information.

Do I have to sign a yearly contract?2022-10-28T12:17:02-04:00

No, we do not require contracts on residential clients. We do offer full maintenance packages with a 12-month payment plan option.

What services are offered during winter?2022-10-28T12:17:28-04:00

We focus on snow removal, winter pruning (Crape myrtles, ornamental grasses, panicle hydrangeas, roses)  leaf removals and winter clean ups.

I would like a landscape design on my home. Is there a cost to this?2022-10-28T12:19:19-04:00

It is required that you first make an appointment with our degreed landscape designers. Moving forward, our landscape designers will do a walk through with you on your property. There, she/he will intake your vision vs her/his recommendations for your property. Our design presentations include: 2D plan to scale, 3D images and a plant guide. Our packages are very affordable, will require a deposit of $800 to $1450 (depending on project size) prior to beginning the design. This deposit goes towards your upcoming project materials. 

Can I hire you for a design and not the installation?2022-11-23T14:03:46-05:00

Our designers are here to help you design the home of your dreams. If you would like to have our designers draw a plan but not proceed with the installation with GA Landscaping, the price ranges from $800-$1450 (depending on project size). Our designers specialize in personalizing each project to each client’s needs and wants while complimenting your home.

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