lawn mowing and care

Lawn Maintenance

Below you will read more about our lawn maintenance services that we offer to ensure lawns remain beautiful and healthy year-round. Depending on the status of your lawn, our professionals will recommend and customize a lawn maintenance package that will allow the grass to grow and stay resilient.


G A Landscaping provides weekly mowing during the growth season (April – November), weekly edging and blowing off debris from any previously established structures, such as: walkways, patios, driveways, etc. Weekly mowing will vary during drought and weed-whacking entails the handwork mowers can’t access.

Lawn Treatments

​Our fertilization packages target the health of your lawn; each package is customized per its current conditions. The treatments are applied at peak times to strengthen the lawn by providing nutrients to the roots allowing the lawn to withstand heat and drought. We invest in the highest quality products to be able to achieve excellent results. Knowing when and what to feed your lawn is crucial to having a healthy beautiful lawn. Our formulas have outranked our local competitor’s results and we’re confident we’re the right choice for you!

Aeration & Over-seeding

Aeration is a process that involves puncturing the soil to improve drainage and reduce compaction, its usually performed beginning April or early September. Aerating will break up the soil to enable a healthier flow of oxygen and nutrients to the soil, strengthening the roots . A stronger root system means your lawn will be able to tolerate heat and drought and remain healthy throughout the growing season. In additional to aerating we recommend overseeding right after aeration is performed. The holes left from aerating provide the perfect conditions for seed to germinate (shade and moisture) and fill in those bare spots. Based on the condition of your lawn, we’ll recommend the best aeration service and seed selection to improve the quality of the lawn.