gorgeous lawnIn Loudoun county…. Summers can get busy with BBQ’s, children playing, pets, maintaining and mowing lawns. Summers in Loudoun county can also get very dry, then rainy days approaching during fall can make the lawn look like its full of small puddles and next thing you know the rainfall isn’t going anywhere because the soil is pressed with no airways. If you’re in Loudoun county and you begin to see your backyard all worn up with teared grass here and there it means you may need to look into some Aeration services because your yard literally… has to breathe.

Was there heavy traffic in your yard this summer? Did you see brown spots during peak summer days in your yard? It might be time to start caring about your lawn, by Aerating your lawn! Aeration service in Loudoun county allows for water, nutrients, and oxygen to flow into your lawn’s soil channels and bring it back to life. When Lawn’s aren’t aerated the soil within usually starts to compact which means no oxygen, water, or sunlight is reaching the roots. In order to have a beautiful green backyard, you have to care for it from its roots and provide the most essential elements.

Aerating your lawn is Caring about your lawn! I’ll tell you why… aerating your lawn will improve channels through the soil to give it space to breathe, have a better intake of water and fertilizer, therefore increasing nutrient availability throughout the lawn. And, Voila! A healthy lawn!
When is it a good time for aeration services?

Aeration in Loudoun county is typically done after a good amount rainfall to relieve stress on the grass from high heat during the summer, pressed soil, and very low rainfalls. Waiting to aerate the lawn after a good amount of rainfall is important so the soil is soft enough to work with. Once the aeration service is done, plugs are left on the lawn to enable the plugs of soil that are taken out to release nutrients promptly. What time of year to aerate simply depends on what area you live in. In Loudoun county, VA the best time to aerate is in the fall due to more rainfall and roots preparing for the winter season meaning they’ll grow vigorously for the upcoming spring.

How does core aeration get done?

The aeration machine removes plugs of soil throughout the lawn which usually dissolve back into the lawn after a few weeks and allows the roots to grow healthier, deeper and stronger. Depending on what your lawn needs, you may choose to have deep aeration on your lawn with a hydraulic core aeration machine. The Hydraulic machine covers more throughout the lawn and penetrates the roots better opposed to regular core aeration which makes smaller plugs and are farther apart.

Regular core aeration VS. Hydraulic core aeration
Regular core aeration makes small plugs of soul about 1-2 in. deep and approximately 6 in. apart.
Hydraulic core aeration makes bigger plugs about 4-6 in. deep and 2 in. apart, therefore getting more coverage throughout the lawn.