Grass doesn’t have to be greener on the other side… improve your lawn with Over-seeding, Fertilizer, & Lime.

expansive lawnIf your lawn is looking stripped and simple, the grass on your lawn may be mature with no more signs of reproduction, leaving bare spots on your backyard. One of the secrets to keep your lawn looking beautiful is to over-seed it. It’s a simple technique to achieve an even, healthy green grass. An ideal time to over-seed your lawn is when temperatures start to drop in the fall but are somewhat still warm enough for seeds to germinate before the winter. Seeding during the fall allows the young grass to get a head start and establish its roots before it goes dormant in the winter. Normally, rain amounts are greater during fall and its preferable to over-seed during this time of year. Approaching spring, the young grass will continue to develop deeper roots before temperatures start to rise again. The lawn will therefore have a thicker turf, enable its ability to fight weeds, insects and diseases, and improve lawn appearance.

Another secret for a beautiful lawn is to apply fertilizer, to have healthy soil in your lawn is to have a resistant grass against weeds, insects, and diseases. When fertilizer is applied at the right time it can beneficial to new and existing grass by giving it an extra boost. Three key nutrients in fertilizer: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. These nutrients are essential for deeper roots, a vibrant green grass and it allows the grass to be more resilient.

Lime is the ultimate secret to an amazing lawn, it keeps the nutrients and pH balanced within the grass. As the lime breaks down it begins to soften the ground for better intake of other lawn applications including over-seeding.